Should You Entertain Business Clients in Brisbane Strip Bars?

Business deals aren’t always sealed in golf clubs, pro-sport games, or formal dinners. Mergers and sales are some things that are discussed in strip clubs, too. This is especially true in Brisbane strip bars that cater to high-end clientele.


Some negotiations are best done in places where adult entertainment takes the stress out of the process and the sting of losing a deal. Nothing like a striptease or a lap dance to ease the barriers of a business deal and smoothen things over.


Drinks from the bar can also help business people to loosen up and relax. Whether it’s the alcohol or the atmosphere, a strip club makes for a laid-back place for business deals.


But when should you take a client to a strip club?


Even if a client wants to talk shop in a strip club, it may not be the most ideal venue. There are ethical dilemmas in high-end business entertainment. The lines between bribery and building trust and goodwill often blur to nothing.


In strip clubs, the question is not about the cost or purpose, but the form of entertainment–the kind that many people look down on for a variety of reasons.


So, if you’re representing a public company, you need to consider its reputation. Will people and other potential clients look differently on your business if they find out you entertained a client in a strip club?


You also need to worry about yourself. Going to strip clubs might go against your long-held beliefs. Those same beliefs would make you a buzz kill in the event that strip club entertainment is approved because there are no outside concerns.


What if you’re handling a key account?


Some people argue that you should bypass the rules if you’re entertaining your biggest and most important client. The basis of your relationship with your client, however, is work-related, and work will be the basis of how your company will be perceived. Your company’s reputation is still on the line.


Play It Safe


Get specific approval from your company’s compliance department. It should be known to all that entertaining in a strip club is acceptable. In the event that your company’s reputation takes a hit, there should be countermeasures in place.


You should also ask your client to provide you with a written sign-off from their own compliance department. It’s better for everyone involved to be on the same page.


It’s the Best Venue or None at All


Entertain a client in high-end Brisbane strip bars with a reputation for offering nothing but high-quality standards. Even if some people think low of strip clubs, they will think twice before categorising an upmarket club as lowly.

Post Author: Martin Graham

Martin Graham