Men’s Guide to Dressing for a Strip Club in Australia

Visiting a strip club for the first and unsure what to wear? We have you covered with this short guide on dressing up for a strip club. This is made especially for men who want to look their finest when they see the best strippers in Brisbane.


Dress on point with these five tips:


Not an Overly Formal Attire


Coat and tie are not the most ideal clothing when going to an adult club. The biggest reason for this is it’s going to be hot and sweaty in the club.


If you really prefer wearing an overcoat, perhaps a light jacket or blazer with some pockets are good alternatives. Another thing is you don’t want someone accidentally spilling a drink on your expensive outfit.


A simple collared shirt or short sleeve polo will look better on you.


Know the Club Dress Code


Every club has its own set of dress code. Generally, no sleeveless shirts for men, including singlets and no wearing of shorts and slippers. These are important things to take note of before your visit so you won’t be denied entry.


Take the time to research the house rules. Doing so will work to your advantage on nights when a club would ask their patrons to come in costumes. Blend in well by wearing the right set of clothing.


Don’t Wear Black


Black is a known warm colour that absorbs a lot of heat. Given the activities inside the club, you don’t want your own clothes to attract more warmth than what is comfortable. Besides, most clubs have black lights, especially when the best strippers in Brisbane are dancing on stage.


The last thing you want is for your top to look discoloured under the rays of the lights. If you want to wear something dark, gray and blue are the most suitable colours because they respectively hide sweat and look cool under night lights.


Different City, Different Style


Each city in Australia has its own unique dressing etiquette. Sometimes, what’s fashionable in Sydney is not that popular in Melbourne. Familiarise yourself with how people around are dressing up. This way, you can fit in better when you dress up like them.


You can also opt for ageless articles of clothing such as jeans, a shirt, and a shoe that fits. The problem with a pair of jeans, however, is that the crotch area can feel uncomfortable to a stripper when she’s giving you a lap dance. You know, tough and rough fabric and all.


Dressing up is a part of the experience when visiting adult strip bars. In fact, it’s one of the most fun parts. But, at the end of the day, the clothes you’re most comfortable with is the best outfit to wear.

Post Author: Martin Graham

Martin Graham