4 Myths You Should Know about Strip Clubs

Normally, people would ask around about something that they are about to do for the first time. Such is the case for first-time visitors of any strip club Brisbane has.

If you’ve never been to any stripper club in Brisbane or other parts of Australia, you’ll probably want to get tips and hear stories about other people’s experiences in these joints. It’s safe to say, though, that there are a lot of stories that are far from the truth – perhaps those who have spread such stories have had bad experiences.

Read on to know the five most common myths about strip clubs.

  • Men who frequent gentlemen’s clubs are perverts.

Men are born to be sexually attracted to women. Those who don’t have sexual partners may opt to visit a strip club regularly maybe to fulfil a fantasy. Others go to these clubs to have fun and forget about their problems. Then, there are those who want to celebrate their last few days of freedom before saying “I do.”

In other words, not all men who go to strip clubs are perverts.

  • You can touch the dancers any way you like.

Strippers may be virtually naked when they’re performing on stage and in front of customers. This doesn’t mean, though, that men can touch them any way they like.

A lot of strip club in Brisbane will have a no-touch policy, which means that you should never touch the dancers to avoid getting into trouble.

Other than a private lap dance, you’ll be out of luck trying to score and trying to convince the dancer to sleep with you.

  • You support the exploitation of women.

These strippers who work in this industry need to be of legal age. This means that they are consenting adults who know what they have gotten themselves into. They know what the job entails. They are not forced to show some skin. Most of all, they are not exploited in any way.

In fact, when you visit a top strip club in Brisbane, you’re not allowed to take them home, let alone touch them.

  • You’ll break the bank if you get inside a nightclub.

Just like any place of entertainment, there’s a price you need to pay to be able to take advantage of the services they offer.

In strip clubs, you will have to pay an entrance fee, for your drinks, and private lap dances. Be prepared to be a big tipper, though, if you want the odds to always be in your favour.

By busting these myths, you’ll learn to be more respectful and more appreciative of those in the industry.

Strippers for Hire vs Strip Clubs: Which One to Choose?

You’ve got a big party coming, but you’re still undecided whether you want to hire strippers or just celebrate in the strip club. Both ideas sound exciting, though they have their own pros and cons. There are several factors which could help you make up your mind.

Below are the things you need to consider whether you want strippers Brisbane has in your party, or you want to be in strip clubs instead. Make a sound choice after thinking about these things.

Cost to Pay

One of the advantages of going to a strip club is that it costs lesser than paying for private strippers. As for the latter, you will have to pay for every girl you want to hire and for the service charges from their agency on top of that. On the other hand, celebrating in strip clubs will save you money especially if you have a lot of you in your group. You won’t be limited to the strippers in Brisbane you will hire, but will have the chance to see a lot of them for the night.

Food and Drinks

Organising your own party lets you prepare meals on your own. When you have a large number of guests, you would need a large amount of food and beverage, and ordering them in a club would cost you so much. However, preparing everything by yourself will cost you less. The downside though is when your guests are allergic to what you’ve prepared? What if the drinks are not something of their liking? This is where clubs make for a better choice.

After the Party

When the joyful event is done, you need to think about how you will get home and who will clean up the place. When celebrating at a private location, you won’t need to worry about the transportation to get home. You and some of your mates can stay in the place and relax especially when all of you have had something to drink.

However, you will have to worry about cleaning up the after-party mess. But when you choose to celebrate in a club, you don’t have to think about tidying up. When the night ends, you can just pack up and leave.

Parties will always be fun regardless if you are celebrating in a private venue with the strippers or inside a strip club. Weigh in the factors above carefully and see which one fits your needs better. Remember these pros and cons on your next occasion.

7 Reasons Why Married Couples Visit Brisbane Stripper Bars

We know—this is not the first idea that comes to mind for date nights. But these days, more married couples love visiting strip clubs. And it will surprise you why.

Because visiting Brisbane stripper bars celebrates sexuality.

Brisbane stripper bars are places where sexuality is celebrated and expressed. Where else is sexuality freely and legally celebrated? In a strip club. If you and your partner have tendencies to repress sexuality, then strip clubs can help you unleash the sexy and sensual beasts within.

What else?

It reignites intimacy.

Before couples seek sex therapists, they try to take matters into their own hands. And one solution they usually try is being more adventurous, which include visiting Brisbane stripper bars. And it proved to work wonders. Strip clubs, contrary to popular depictions in films, provide an enticing and intimate atmosphere that reignites couples’ hunger for passionate sexy times.

It eliminates doubts.

If you can’t beat them, join them—right? Women these days aren’t afraid to take a different route. Joining their husbands help unveil the mystery of visiting strip clubs.

By knowing what’s going on, they shush their paranoid feelings away. Just think about it. Strippers are gorgeous and sexy but your spouse still chooses to come home to you.

Nonetheless, visiting strip clubs together isn’t for every couple. If it makes your partner uneasy, then don’t force them.

It’s safe for couples.

When visiting a gentlemen’s club, the only risk you’re taking is potential sexual jealousy. In strip clubs, especially high-grade ones, sexual health risks are myths. Thus, you can relax about this matter while you and your partner enjoy Destiny or Strawberry’s lap dance.

It initiates hot sex.

If you like seeing your partner getting turned on, then you’ll definitely love visiting strip clubs. You’ll love it even more because of what it leads to. Every happy couple knows foreplay is the secret sauce to hot sex. Visiting a strip club and getting your fantasies tickled is the ultimate foreplay.

It strengthens the bond.

As mentioned above, foreplay is crucial to a healthy sex life. But another vital aspect is proper communication. Through strengthening your bond, open communication will follow easily.

So how do couples do it?

They actually gain more by going out of their comfort zones. When couples decide to visit a strip club, they discover new things about each other, which improves their communication, further strengthening their bond.

It’s real fun.

Think strip clubs are filthy and cheap, in general? Well, think again. After visiting strip clubs, couples’ view about them instantly shifts. Loud hip-hop music, well-maintained amenities, surprisingly great dishes, and smart, engaging entertainers—who wouldn’t think this fun?

Men’s Guide to Dressing for a Strip Club in Australia

Visiting a strip club for the first and unsure what to wear? We have you covered with this short guide on dressing up for a strip club. This is made especially for men who want to look their finest when they see the best strippers in Brisbane.

Dress on point with these five tips:

Not an Overly Formal Attire

Coat and tie are not the most ideal clothing when going to an adult club. The biggest reason for this is it’s going to be hot and sweaty in the club.

If you really prefer wearing an overcoat, perhaps a light jacket or blazer with some pockets are good alternatives. Another thing is you don’t want someone accidentally spilling a drink on your expensive outfit.

A simple collared shirt or short sleeve polo will look better on you.

Know the Club Dress Code

Every club has its own set of dress code. Generally, no sleeveless shirts for men, including singlets and no wearing of shorts and slippers. These are important things to take note of before your visit so you won’t be denied entry.

Take the time to research the house rules. Doing so will work to your advantage on nights when a club would ask their patrons to come in costumes. Blend in well by wearing the right set of clothing.

Don’t Wear Black

Black is a known warm colour that absorbs a lot of heat. Given the activities inside the club, you don’t want your own clothes to attract more warmth than what is comfortable. Besides, most clubs have black lights, especially when the best strippers in Brisbane are dancing on stage.

The last thing you want is for your top to look discoloured under the rays of the lights. If you want to wear something dark, gray and blue are the most suitable colours because they respectively hide sweat and look cool under night lights.

Different City, Different Style

Each city in Australia has its own unique dressing etiquette. Sometimes, what’s fashionable in Sydney is not that popular in Melbourne. Familiarise yourself with how people around are dressing up. This way, you can fit in better when you dress up like them.

You can also opt for ageless articles of clothing such as jeans, a shirt, and a shoe that fits. The problem with a pair of jeans, however, is that the crotch area can feel uncomfortable to a stripper when she’s giving you a lap dance. You know, tough and rough fabric and all.

Dressing up is a part of the experience when visiting adult strip bars. In fact, it’s one of the most fun parts. But, at the end of the day, the clothes you’re most comfortable with is the best outfit to wear.

Should You Entertain Business Clients in Brisbane Strip Bars?

Business deals aren’t always sealed in golf clubs, pro-sport games, or formal dinners. Mergers and sales are some things that are discussed in strip clubs, too. This is especially true in Brisbane strip bars that cater to high-end clientele.

Some negotiations are best done in places where adult entertainment takes the stress out of the process and the sting of losing a deal. Nothing like a striptease or a lap dance to ease the barriers of a business deal and smoothen things over.

Drinks from the bar can also help business people to loosen up and relax. Whether it’s the alcohol or the atmosphere, a strip club makes for a laid-back place for business deals.

But when should you take a client to a strip club?

Even if a client wants to talk shop in a strip club, it may not be the most ideal venue. There are ethical dilemmas in high-end business entertainment. The lines between bribery and building trust and goodwill often blur to nothing.

In strip clubs, the question is not about the cost or purpose, but the form of entertainment–the kind that many people look down on for a variety of reasons.

So, if you’re representing a public company, you need to consider its reputation. Will people and other potential clients look differently on your business if they find out you entertained a client in a strip club?

You also need to worry about yourself. Going to strip clubs might go against your long-held beliefs. Those same beliefs would make you a buzz kill in the event that strip club entertainment is approved because there are no outside concerns.

What if you’re handling a key account?

Some people argue that you should bypass the rules if you’re entertaining your biggest and most important client. The basis of your relationship with your client, however, is work-related, and work will be the basis of how your company will be perceived. Your company’s reputation is still on the line.

Play It Safe

Get specific approval from your company’s compliance department. It should be known to all that entertaining in a strip club is acceptable. In the event that your company’s reputation takes a hit, there should be countermeasures in place.

You should also ask your client to provide you with a written sign-off from their own compliance department. It’s better for everyone involved to be on the same page.

It’s the Best Venue or None at All

Entertain a client in high-end Brisbane strip bars with a reputation for offering nothing but high-quality standards. Even if some people think low of strip clubs, they will think twice before categorising an upmarket club as lowly.