4 Myths You Should Know about Strip Clubs

Normally, people would ask around about something that they are about to do for the first time. Such is the case for first-time visitors of any strip club Brisbane has.

If you’ve never been to any stripper club in Brisbane or other parts of Australia, you’ll probably want to get tips and hear stories about other people’s experiences in these joints. It’s safe to say, though, that there are a lot of stories that are far from the truth – perhaps those who have spread such stories have had bad experiences.

Read on to know the five most common myths about strip clubs.


  • Men who frequent gentlemen’s clubs are perverts.

Men are born to be sexually attracted to women. Those who don’t have sexual partners may opt to visit a strip club regularly maybe to fulfil a fantasy. Others go to these clubs to have fun and forget about their problems. Then, there are those who want to celebrate their last few days of freedom before saying “I do.”

In other words, not all men who go to strip clubs are perverts.


  • You can touch the dancers any way you like.

Strippers may be virtually naked when they’re performing on stage and in front of customers. This doesn’t mean, though, that men can touch them any way they like.

A lot of strip club in Brisbane will have a no-touch policy, which means that you should never touch the dancers to avoid getting into trouble.

Other than a private lap dance, you’ll be out of luck trying to score and trying to convince the dancer to sleep with you.


  • You support the exploitation of women.

These strippers who work in this industry need to be of legal age. This means that they are consenting adults who know what they have gotten themselves into. They know what the job entails. They are not forced to show some skin. Most of all, they are not exploited in any way.

In fact, when you visit a top strip club in Brisbane, you’re not allowed to take them home, let alone touch them.


  • You’ll break the bank if you get inside a nightclub.

Just like any place of entertainment, there’s a price you need to pay to be able to take advantage of the services they offer.

In strip clubs, you will have to pay an entrance fee, for your drinks, and private lap dances. Be prepared to be a big tipper, though, if you want the odds to always be in your favour.

By busting these myths, you’ll learn to be more respectful and more appreciative of those in the industry.

Post Author: Martin Graham

Martin Graham